Why We Invested: PreemptiveAI

PreemptiveAI emerges from stealth with a groundbreaking biomedical foundation model for health prediction.

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The Inspired Team
March 6, 2024
Why We Invested: PreemptiveAI

In the United States, someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds. Imagine if we had the data to know the exact leading physiological indicators of a heart attack? What if we knew that 80% of people who had a heart attack exhibited certain quantifiable symptoms in the days, hours, or minutes leading up to it — all of which could warn people well in advance of the event, and potentially save their life?

This valuable data exists. However, it exists in silos across wearable devices and in charts across legacy EMRs. PreemptiveAI is unlocking the power of this data with a foundation model that has the potential to fundamentally transform patient care, precision medicine, and drug development. 

When we first backed PreemptiveAI in 2022, we were struck by the idea that the smartphone—which is in the hands of 92% of Americans—could be the window into your health. By simply holding your finger on the lens of your phone’s camera for 30 seconds, PreemptiveAI’s technology can measure your photoplethysmography (PPG) signal and estimate your health risk in real-time. 

With this technology, PreemptiveAI has spent 18 months collecting data: tens of thousands of signals from real people. This data has strengthened their underlying model and proved that the model could be predictive and, therefore, preventative. With this data, PreemptiveAI’s foundation model can remotely predict rising risk and the likelihood of readmission, which is one of the largest cost drivers of our healthcare system.

We believe that new technologies can unlock better healthcare. We don’t need to be in a hospital or in a doctor’s office to know the most basic indicators of our physical condition. Instead, we can leverage the everyday technology we already use, combined with data, to know where we stand at all times. 

PreemptiveAI’s foundation model will be the underlying current for this future, transforming healthcare from being reactive to proactive.