Making living longer and healthier more accessible for all

America spends 17% of our GDP on healthcare - $4.3 trillion dollars per year - and yet, our healthcare system consistently ranks last among the world's wealthiest countries. In fact, the US government spent more on healthcare than Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, Austria and France combined. For 99.9% of the country, healthcare in America sucks. Doctors are suffering, nurses are quitting, health systems are failing, and most importantly, consumers aren't getting the care they need due to exorbitant cost barriers and opaque administrative hurdles that are seemingly in place to prevent insurance companies from footing the bill. 

With advancements in AI, the rise of new business models, and consumers taking their health into their own hands, there has never been a more exciting decade ahead for healthcare. AI will make hard things easy - prior authorizations that used to take weeks can take seconds, doctors can use foundation models to predict health events, and physicians can spend more time with patients rather than their clinical notes. New business models are emerging - ICHRAs will become common and pharma companies will develop new distribution models for the multi-million dollar drugs that save lives but bankrupt employers. Cultural shifts are changing the way consumers view healthcare - loneliness and obesity are considered clinical epidemics (not just unfortunate circumstances), consumers are excited to experiment with new treatments like psychedelics, and people are eager to invest out-of-pocket dollars into their health and longevity.

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