New Frontier

New Frontier

Pushing the boundary of scientific possibility

For some jobs-to-be-done, software tooling is necessary but insufficient. To solve the manufacturing labor shortage in the U.S., we’ll need affordable and easy-to-implement labor augmentation via autonomous robotic systems that function in unstructured environments. To ensure the power grids of yesterday function properly tomorrow, we’ll need scalable sources of renewable energy, affordable means of electrification, and efficient decarbonization. To connect the next billion internet users reliably, we’ll need scaled satellite constellations, downlinking capability, and ground infrastructure. The list of problems-to-be solved by science-forward products within foundational industries goes on.

These businesses can be complex and tend to come with risks distinct from other startups – but the trade-off can be a compelling one, as frontier companies often operate in the world’s largest and most critical markets. The best entrepreneurs in frontier technology have the capability to turn science fiction into reality.

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