Our Mission

An image of the Inspired Capital offices

We back early-stage founders with transformative ideas, brilliant teams, and relentless determination.

We believe that—when properly deployed—venture capital is the most powerful economic engine the world has ever seen. It has made many of the greatest companies possible and has enabled some of the most innovative technological breakthroughs of the past fifty years.
However, sometime during the ZIRP period, the VC model broke. While venture capital dollars should have been seeking high-risk companies – those with a high probability of failure, but the potential to transform giant industries – they were instead chasing “safer” companies, which looked good in the short-term, but were not developing true innovations that could generate competitive advantages over time. 

We live by these five principles:

We believe that the only way for companies to generate outsized long-term economic value is to embrace big risks. Economic value truly arises when big risks are solved, and companies create innovative products and business models, often those that couldn’t have existed previously.
We believe in backing the audacious who work tirelessly to solve the hardest problems that few others are willing to even attempt to fix.
We seek to partner with the founders who reject the status quo and are working toward a future that looks fundamentally different from the present.
We embrace those founders that see structurally broken markets and develop new products and solutions to fix those markets.
We think that the very best founders are attracted to the hardest problems because they can drive the greatest rewards both for their companies and the world.
Our commitment to backing founders who have a long-term view has informed how we have designed all of our firm processes, systems, and incentives. We reject short term-ism and we have carefully selected Limited Partners who are aligned to this view.  

There are no shortcuts to building great companies, and there are no shortcuts to making great investments.