ShopMy: The Comprehensive Creator Marketing Platform

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The Inspired Team
March 14, 2024
ShopMy: The Comprehensive Creator Marketing Platform

We’re wired to be social, and it’s no surprise that our buying habits reflect this. We often seek inspiration and reassurance from our peers—friends we trust, individuals we respect, or tastemakers that we aspire to be like—when considering what to buy. Social media makes this easy, and as we’ve seen, it is emerging as the primary medium for search and discovery, especially among younger audiences.

At the same time, with AI beginning to influence more of the choices we make on a daily basis, the traditional model of how we discover and purchase products is being upended, permanently changing SEO. This shift, alongside digital privacy changes that have shot customer acquisition costs through the roof and hampered traditional advertising, means brands are in dire need of fresh, effective ways to reach their new audiences. As a result, we see brands shifting a greater share of their marketing budgets to creator marketing.

Enter ShopMy, an innovative, all-in-one creator marketing platform designed for today’s creators and brands. ShopMy streamlines every aspect of affiliate marketing, from talent discovery and collaboration to gifting. For brands, it offers an authentic avenue to engage new customers and manage their entire affiliate strategy in one place. For creators, it presents the best way to launch their own stores, share product recommendations, and expand their businesses.

We’ve known the founders – Harry, Chris, and Tiffany – for several years and from our first conversation we were captivated by their vision to create a modern affiliate platform to capture the tsunami of marketing dollars flowing towards creators. The team possesses a rare combination of deep domain expertise matched with best-in-class engineering talent, which is why ShopMy has been successful in building a product that is beloved by both creators and brands. 

Today, ShopMy has 40K+ creators and hundreds of brand subscribers. Brands pay a monthly SaaS fee to use the platform, and creators can use it for free. ShopMy works with leading brands including Nike, NET-A-PORTER, Chanel, Jenni Kayne, Drunk Elephant, Ulla Johnson, Tower 28, and Tatcha, as well as top talent including Hannah Bronfman, Hannah Brown, Marianna Hewitt, Abbie Herbert, and Dr. Shereene Idriss. 

While ShopMy’s growth has been stellar, what got us most excited is the customer love that ShopMy has inspired with their users. Every brand and creator we spoke with was effusive in their praise for the platform - below is just a snapshot of some quotes that were shared with us during our diligence:  

ShopMy is unlocking affiliate as a strategy for brands with unmatched visibility and ROI 

  • “ShopMy has released the influencer marketing opportunity for us. Looking out to 2024 affiliate is an ACTUAL channel for us. We wouldn't be able to do our affiliate strategy without it.”
  • “This has been a game changer already. It’s already accounting for over 60% of our complete traffic online.”
  • “We were about to hire someone, and we’ve taken that JD down because this solves a lot.”

ShopMy is winning the market because of a superior, mission critical product

  • “ShopMy is a 10 out of 10 critical to our influencer marketing strategy.”
  • “I don’t say this lightly: I am delighted Shopmy exists. They are our biggest growth strategy.”
  • “It’s the only platform I use as a creator - if I can’t link through ShopMy I just don’t link.”

Early network effects and strong referral behavior is powering the growth flywheel   

  • “We work with a ton of creators who love ShopMy. I’ve introduced everyone I know from the brand side.”
  • “I've actually been evangelizing the platform to other people.”
  • “I sometimes post a story referring ShopMy, and there have been hundreds of signups.”
  • “There have been several brands that I've said, 'I just need you to go over to ShopMy.'”

One creator perfectly summed up our feelings towards ShopMy: “Wherever the ShopMy team goes, we will follow.” We couldn’t agree more, and we are thrilled to partner with ShopMy in this next chapter of their growth. 

ShopMy is rapidly growing and hiring for several roles - learn more here!